Social Media And Your Career

SocialMediaMarketing“85% of employers say that positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions”

Joining the creative industry, I knew that there will have to be a way for me to get my work out there. Let it be work or personal project, I need to have some record of my work to show off and build a name for myself. Other industries looks at your grades and where you have worked and GPA scores etc, however when doing anything creative, the only thing that differentiates you and other people in your field is your work. This struck me because, I personally don’t use social media in that sense but after learning how important it can be for a creator I tried making it a habit to post my work even if it’s not as impressive as I think it is.

Other than publicizing your own work, social media allows you to connect with many people in your field as well as future clients and employers. Your page, wall and/or website could be the sole reason you land an interview with a potential employer. Instagram and Twitter are filled with a countless amount of creators who use those platforms to show off their work and some even gain a large fan-base from thousands to tens of thousands of followers which will influence how successful you become over time not because of the amount of fans but instead, the amount of feedback you’ll receive. Apart from how useful social media is, what really intrigued me was how social media posts became just as important and necessary as a portfolio.


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